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TW-530BP |automatic die-cutting press |automated full head cutting press |cnc hydraulic cutting and bending press machine wi|High-speed intelligent CNC hydraulic cutting machine


Quzhou Taiwei Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.-----High-speed intelligent cutting technology solution and service provider. Its high-speed intelligent CNC cutting machine with high quality, high stability, high cost performance, and labor-saving and material-saving won: "First Prize of Science and Technology Progress of China National Light Industry Council". Although some customers are lost due to price issues, more users are also ushered in due to value issues. Its production capacity is 2 to 3 times that of similar products and 3 times that of vibrating knife cutting machines. Even the internationally renowned cutting machine can't do it, but let us do it. Achieve zero-to-zero distance between product parts, and your cost reduction and efficiency improvement start from here.