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Belt-type high-speed intelligent CNC cutting machine TW-530BP







Core technology leads the world   win 12 national patents

 Effective cutting effect   Extremely low testing cost   Hight cost performance

1、       High-speedSpeed up to 85 times/min

2、       EfficientThere is no need to adjust the pressure of large knife die, and the high speed knife change is 1S

3、       Freely360° arbitrary Angle high-speed blanking, follow one's inclinations

4、       LabourA common cutting machine can be set up 8-10

5、       MaterialInternational leading automatic typesetting system saves 3-10% material

6、       Low cost use: Actual energy consumption 7kW/h, Free cutting plate (replaced by belt, its conventional service life 1 year)

7、       Reliable quality: Has a full set of German Siemens control system

8、       Safet performan: European and American standard safety protection measures


The biggest feature of this machine: high productivity! Quick blanking. How productive is it? Firepower, 10 layers of material, two people are more nervous material!

Second big characteristic: save makings! International leading computer automatic typesetting combined with cutting head 360° arbitrary Angle high-speed blanking, but also can achieve large knife die without adjusting pressure, high-speed knife change 1S, but also can achieve seamless blanking (with the blanking machine know, manual blanking, spacing will be about 5mm space waste), core technology, leading the world.


Judging effect




main technical specifications



Maximum Cutting Force

35 t/343 kN

Cutting Head Size

500 x 500 mm

Cutting Width

1500 mm

Maximum Cutting Width Without Clamp Stops

1550 mm

Belt Width

1580 mm

Head Traverse(Centre To Centre)

0-1500 mm

Maximum Clamp Feed


Head Rotation Angle

0°-360° CONT.

Maximum Speed Of Head Traverse(X Axis)

916 mm/s

Maximum Speed Of Material Feed(Y Axis)

666 mm/s

Maximum Speed Of Head Rotation(Z Axis)

720° /s

Positioning Tolerance For X And Y Axes

±0.3 mm

Positioning Tolerance For Z Axis


Maximum Cutting Stroke

175 mm

Speed Of Ram Stroke:Approach,Cut,Return

420-54-353 mm/s

Axes Motors Power

7.5 Nm Brushless

Pump Motor Power

4 kW - 5.5 HP

Compressed Air Requirements

7-10 bar - 200 lt/min

Total Power Consumption(Peal Level)

10 kW

Machine Size (WxLxH)

3120 x 5220 x 2390 mm

Net Weight

4460 kg


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