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High-speed intelligent CNC cutting and machining center TW-530BPZ





1. High efficiency: The actual cutting speed can reach 45-75 times per minute.

2, Accurate: Equipped with a tool magazine with independent intellectual property rights, which can hold 10 tool dies, the tool change is accurate, fast and stable, which exceeds the design effect.

3. Complete: Really realize the full specifications of a single series, make up for the high-end market demand, and fill the domestic gap.

4. Labor saving: The machine can be at least 6-8 of ordinary cutting machines, and it can be 3 times that of similar models or vibrating knife cutting machines.

5. Material saving: The world's leading, compatible with a variety of automatic typesetting systems, combined with 360-degree rotation at any angle, can save 2%-5% of materials.

6. Safety: The product adopts a complete set of German Siemens hardware combined with an independent software control system; safety protection measures in line with European and American standards, implementation of three-proof chain, no blanking out of control phenomenon.

7. Breakthrough: A number of technologies have achieved industry breakthroughs, 2 software copyrights, 2 invention patents and 4 utility model patents are pending.

8 Low cost: main motor power 4kW, no cutting board (imported cut-resistant belt replacement), normal auxiliary material belt can be used for at least 1 year, drawing and weaving or high-strength fabric punching can also be used for half a year, the use cost is quite obvious .

9 Good effect: Because the imported cut-resistant belt also serves as the cutting surface, it can achieve any punching section effect that can not be achieved by cutting the belt with a cutting board or a vibrating knife.


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main technical specifications



Maximum Cutting Force

35 ton/343 kN

Cutting Head Size

500 x 500 mm

Cutting Width

1500 mm

Maximum Cutting Width Without Clamp Stops

1550 mm

Belt Width

1600 mm

Head Traverse(Centre To Centre)

0-1500 mm

Maximum Clamp Feed


Head Rotation Angle

0°- 360°

Maximum Speed Of Head Traverse(X Axis)

916 mm/s

Maximum Speed Of Material Feed(Y Axis)

666 mm/s

Maximum Speed Of Head Rotation(Z Axis)

720° /s

Positioning Tolerance For X And Y Axes

±0.3 mm

Positioning Tolerance For Z Axis


Maximum Cutting Stroke

175 mm

Speed Of Ram Stroke:Approach,Cut,Return

420-54-353 mm/s

Axes Motors Power

7.5 Nm Brushless

Pump Motor Power

4 kW - 5.5 HP

Compressed Air Requirements

7-10 bar - 200 lt/min

Total Power Consumption(Peal Level)

10 kW

Machine Size (WxLxH)

3120 x 5220 x 2390 mm

Net Weight

5460 kg


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