Guangzhou International Shoe Machinery Exhibition 2019 invites you to come



If we say that Guangzhou plays an important role in the whole country, like Guangzhou, Taiwei Precision Machine has maintained an advanced and efficient leading position in the industry. The TW530BP series of high-speed numerical control hydraulic cutting machine produced by Taiwei Glory has maintained an international leading position in all aspects. It is also the first product of this kind in China, with nine national patents. Bring the real gospel of cost reduction to the industry. At the same time, the product has been listed in the machine replacement project by Zhejiang Provincial Government.

   Quzhou Taiwei Machinery Co., Ltd. will participate in the Guangzhou International Shoe Machinery Shoe Material Exhibition in 2019. The "Guangzhou International Shoe Machinery Shoe Material and Leather Industry Exhibition 2019" will be held again in Guangzhou-Pazhou-Poly World Trade Exhibition Hall from May 28 to 31, 2019. The exhibition will focus on the effect of enterprise exhibitors and obtain new success. Many well-known enterprises in the industry continue to support! Taiwei  Machinery Co., Ltd. cordially invites you to come!



2019-05-10 10:58