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TWS-588/3travelling head cutting press leather cutting press ponse brand cutting bags hydraulic press

This machine is suitable for cutting and molding leather, plastic, textile, asbestos, rubber, paperboard, cork and other materials. It is widely used in shoe making, handbag, toy, silk flower, sponge, blister, automobile and other industries, packaging materials and other non-metallic materials cutting and forming operations.

Buttons controlling( time interlock synchronization during cutting press) to ensure operator safety.
Stable trolley moving speed.
Continuous high cutting power.
Lowe energy consumption.
High stability, no special maintenance required.

Model TWS-588/3  
Working Table Size(mm) 1600 x 500  
Swaying Arm Width(mm) 500 x 500  
Cutting Force(t) 25  
Max. Stoke(mm) 135  
Motor Power(kW) 0.75  
Cutting Speed(mm/s) 85  
Dispacelment Speed(mm/s) 1.07  
Motor Power(kW) 1.47  
Net Weight(kg) 1430