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TW-588/40 |die cut stamping presses |press machine for cutting rubber |press die cutting rubber pad| Indenter mobile hydraulic cutting machine

This machine is suitable for cutting and forming materials such as leather, plastics, textiles, asbestos, rubber, cardboard, and cork. It is widely used in shoemaking, handbags, toys, silk flowers, sponges, blister, automobile and other industries, packaging materials and other non-metallic materials cutting and forming operations.
Use and main features

1) Maximum cutting power: 25T / 245KN
2) Cutting stroke (mm): 160 mm
3) Workbench (mm): 1600 * 500mm
4) Motor power (HP / KW): 2 / 1.47
5) Width of rocker arm: 500mm
6) The lowering speed of the trolley: 85mm/sec
7) Button control (time interlock synchronization during the cutting phase) to ensure the safety of the operator.
8) Really excellent shifting speed of the trolley.
9) High power continuity, low energy consumption, high reliability, without original maintenance.
10) Two-hand operation and no continuous cutting make the machine very safe.