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TW-588/3 |non woven bag d cut press|pvc sheet press cutting form|jigsaw puzzle cutting press for sale| Indenter mobile hydraulic cutting machine

The movable hydraulic cutting machine with indenter is suitable for cutting and molding leather, plastic, textile, asbestos, rubber, cardboard, cork and other materials. It is widely used in cutting and forming operations of non-metallic materials such as shoes, handbags, toys, silk flowers, sponges, plastics, automobiles and other industries and packaging materials.


1) Maximum cutting power: 25T/245KN
2) Cutting travel (mm): 160 mm
3)working table (mm): 1600 *500 mm
4) Motor power (HP/KW): 2/1.47
5) Swaying arm width: 500mm
6) Trolley descent speed: 85 mm/sec
7)Push button controls (time interlock synchronaization during cutting phase) to ensure positive safety for the operator.
8) Really exceptional trolley displacement speed.
9) High power continuity, low energy consumptions, high reliablity, no primay maintenance required.
10)Two-hand operation and no continueous cutting make the machine highly safe.


TAIWEI's TW-588/3
Cutting table 1600*500mm
Arm width  500mm
Max cutting power  25T/245KN
Max stroke 100mm
Max daylight 160mm
Motor Power 2/1.47 HP/KW
Dimension  1940*1400*2010mm
Packed Size 2000*1450*2050mm
Net weight 1430kg
Gross weight 1700kg