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The wind and rain walk together, win-win future | Taiwei precision machine annual meeting ceremony success!







Happy New Year


Taiwei Annual Meeting Ceremony

, the sun and the moon are moving, and everything is updated.

February 2, 2024 at 15:00 p.m.

"wind and rain peer-win future"

Quzhou Taiwei Seiko Machinery Co., Ltd. Annual Meeting Ceremony

arrived as scheduled and ended successfully!

Thanksgiving peers, go to the future

Leader's Speech

reviewed with everyone the 2023 of working together and overcoming difficulties, and at the same time expressed his heartfelt thanks to every member of the Taiwei family who worked hard.

2023 wehas not only achieved steady growth in market share, brand influence, and service quality, but also made significant progress in product change, team building, and staff training; at the same time, it looks forward to its goals and plans for 2024. Tong Zong expressed his gratitude to all Taiwan's family members for their support and trust, hard work and dedication to the company! In 2024, we will forge ahead and work together to build a blueprint!


Awards Ceremony


years reflect the beginning of the heart, the fire will be handed down forever. Looking back on 2023, all my colleagues are in the same boat through thick and thin, helping Taiwei to move forward steadily on the road of rapid development. The development of the company is inseparable from the help of high-quality talents. They rush to the front line to meet the needs of customers, regardless of day and night, and do their best! In order to improve the quality of products to study hard, complete a difficult task!

, in the commendation meeting that all people expected and attracted attention, the company presented important awards such as technological progress award, technological innovation award and golden idea award. the guests present cheered and celebrated the award-winning colleagues. the power of example led all taiwei people to march forward bravely.


Art Show

Taiwei people not only perform well in their work, but also have "unique skills" in the talent show ". The programs on the stage are wonderful, the charm and elegant demeanor of Taiwei people are fully displayed at this moment, and the whole annual meeting is full of joy and laughter, passion and strength.


Game PK

fun annual game, bring you a lot of joy, enhance the cohesion of the team.



meet together will become a precious memory in life, share the joy and achievements of the past year, and wish the new year another brilliant glory.


Lucky Draw

lottery has always been a highly anticipated project in the annual meeting. In order to make everyone return with a full load, Taiwei has carefully prepared rich prizes and red envelopes at the annual meeting. With a surprise and warm awards sent out of the scene, applause and thunder, laughter.



annual meeting pressure axis link, of course, not without dinner dinner. The leaders of Taiwei came to the stage with three glasses of wine to all Taiwei families and thanked everyone for their trust, efforts and efforts. He also invited everyone to raise their glasses together, to their hard-working self and to Taiwei's better tomorrow.

The years are not living, and the seasons are like flowing. In a joyous atmosphere, Taiwei's 2023 "Wind and Rain, Win-Win Future" Annual Meeting came to an end with laughter and laughter.!2024, Taiwei will adhere to the core values of creating value for customers, and all Taiwei people willmaintain our strength, focus on our strategic positioning, strengthen implementation, cooperate and continue to struggle, and join hands to create a new height of Taiwei 2024!




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