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Digital Age "Intelligent CNC" Leading Industry Equipment New Upgrade

in the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, with the pursuit of higher goals in production, from simple handmade to mechanical production, numerical control technology uses digital information to control the mechanical movement and processing process has also gained a wider demand, intelligent numerical control is a kind of intelligent program control system.equipment. The control system can logically process and decode the program specified by the control code or other symbolic instructions, so that the equipment can be operated and processed.

intelligent numerical control equipment


intelligent numerical control equipment are all completed in this numerical control unit, which is the brain of numerical control equipment.

typography system independently developed by Taiwei Seiko

CNC equipment by the numerical control system through the servo drive system to control the movement of the moving parts, with high precision, high efficiency, high flexibility and other comprehensive characteristics, suitable for batch shape of multi-species, multi-specification production.is able to complete the action and process the part according to the programmed program. A combination of machinery, automation, computer, measurement, microelectronics and other latest technology, the use of a variety of sensors.

numerical control technology is based on numerical control machine tools, and the development of numerical control machine tools has gone through five generations of numerical control systems, such as electronic tubes, transistors, small-scale integrated circuits, large-scale integrated circuits, small computers and microprocessors, fourth and fifth generation systems using microprocessor and large-scale or very large-scale integrated circuit software CNC system, known as the modern CNC system, referred to as CNC (fourth generation) and MNC (fifth generation). Numerical control (CNC) machining is a manufacturing process, and many industries have incorporated CNC machining into their manufacturing processes.

Intelligent CNC Industrial Applications


intelligent numerical control is to write the production and processing program flow, that is, to convert the original manual processing into program programming, to make the overall production process operation process, production process technical parameters and offset data information into the program flow, and to use it to manipulate product processing.

intelligent CNC equipment has a high degree of automation technology, with high productivity.

intelligent CNC equipment has strong applicability to production and processing objectives. When changing the production and processing target, it is only possible to replace the numerical control tool and write the program again, without making other complicated adjustments, thus reducing the production preparation cycle time.


intelligent numerical control equipment has high processing precision and stable product quality. The control is done automatically by the machine, thus eliminating the deviation of human factors and enhancing the uniformity of the specifications and sizes of large quantities of products.


In summary, intelligent CNC equipment has become one of the indispensable technologies in industrial production, and its development trend will further promote the development of industrial production in the direction of digital and intelligent.

Taiwei intelligent CNC high-speed cutting machine series


Quzhou Taiwei Precision Machine has launched a series of intelligent numerical control high-speed cutting machines, which is the first fully automatic intelligent cutting machine with single series and full specifications. It has single-knife, double-knife and ten-knife models, filling the technical gap in China,

Double-knife cutting equipment
Single Blanking

Tool Change Display

when changing the tool can be achievedQuick Seconds Change

can also achieveCutter function

thus greatlyImprove the utilization rate of raw and auxiliary materials

Multi-tool magazine replacement equipment
is equipped with a tool magazine with automatic tool change that can hold 10 knives.

Tool magazine tool change display diagram

applies inblanking products of different specifications on the same material

1. High precision
The intelligent numerical control cutting machine adopts the automatic typesetting system independently developed by Taiwei precision machine, combined with 360 arbitrary angle rotation, to ensure high-precision positioning and cutting in the material production process, and can save 2%-10% of the material.
2. High efficiency
The actual cutting speed is the highest and the maximum is 85 knives/minute, which greatly improves the production output.
3. High security
Intelligent CNC cutting machine adopts a full set of German Siemens control system, high safety protection measures, the implementation of three anti-chain, no blanking out of control.

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